So Long, Korea

18 Feb

Things I’m gonna miss:
-Cheap, punctual transit
-The incredible Seoul subway system
-Cheap restaurant food (when I could eat it)
-Affordable, high quality haircuts
-Cheap gym access
-Reasonably priced and fast internet
-A job where I really only work 20 hours a week, give or take
-Jeju oranges
-Views of Mount Halla
-The ajummas at the 5-day market

Things I ain’t gonna miss:
-Ubiquitous bathroom smoking. Ubiquitous smoking in general
-Ubiquitous, intense garlic and/or soju body odor
-Garlic in 75% of the food
-The awful smells of my neighbour’s cooking first thing when I wake up, all day, and last thing when I go to sleep
-Un-insulated buildings
-The portion of English-speaking foreigners who feel that acting like trash is acceptable since their time here is temporary (outdoor drinkers, I’m looking at you.)
-Feeling obliged to do ridiculous things for unclear reasons
-Almost getting hit by cars on the sidewalk
-Sitting on the floor
-Korean “beer”
-Teaching teenage girls
-Sitting in blasting heat (in 15+ degree weather)
-Blasting in air conditioning (in 18+ degree weather)
-Being asked if I can use chopsticks/like Korean food/know Korean food is spicy
-Sugar in everything except dessert
-Everything sounding like whining
-The sound of people eating with their mouths open

Thanks for three years of memories, Korea. You will not be forgotten!

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