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Blogs suck


I’ll be honest. I’m not a fan of blogging. Prior to my departure I always thought blogs were vapid, self-serving altars of glorification for one’s personal growth or opinion. And they are.

I thought starting this one would serve the purpose of relaying information on our wonderful Korea experience to anyone who cared enough to click on a link. All the info in one place at any given time. But the truth is, I’m more interested in just living my life than writing about it. Sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes it’s not. I can tell you more about all the wonderful new experiences we’re having, all the wonderful new foods we’re trying, all the more cultural differences we’re noticing, and all kinds of hilarious anecdotes about our awesome students. But writing about them seems to take away the fizz. So many things happen every day that I can’t possibly sit here and write about them, update the blog, and format only the best pictures to go along with it.

Trust me, everything is wonderful, everything is different. Every day is a new adventure. Insert inane typical blog sentence here. The good: kids keep you on your toes and can be fun when they’re not a pain. The bad: you are adrift no matter how much you think you are normalizing. Everything else is just details.

Maria and I walk around. We go shopping in markets. We go to work; we talk about work. We wait for the weather to get better so we can go to the beach and go on hikes. We hang out with other foreigners. It’s like if I showed you a picture of the Caribbean and said “oh, that was a great beach. Not such a great pic. You had to be there.”

Sometimes I miss home. Then I realize I never really had one. Sometimes I wonder how long I will stay here. Then I remember I can leave any time I want. Sometimes I wish I didn’t work so much. Then I realize that’s exactly what I came here to do.

I have only written a few creative words since arriving. I have taken less photographs. I sometimes play in a honky-tonk band. I am sick of smelling garlic.

This is just the beginning.

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